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I Like That
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Monday, January 24, 2011


I LIKE THAT Frank reads to me every day. We have a morning ritual that starts with a daily reading from our Baha’i prayer book, followed by Frank reading from a book we’ve chosen from our home library. We’ve just finished ‘Sailing Back in Time’ by Maria Coffey. Her story telling brought back luxurious memories of our sailing on the Johnstone Strait between the Vancouver Island and the mainland.
Frank built LEJJJAR, a twelve-meter beauty, by himself, much like Allen Farrell’s China Cloud. Each letter in Frank’s boat’s name represents his grandchildren. It took him six years to build it while he worked as gardener for the Town of Port McNeill on Vancouver Island. He had it towed to the ocean shore, pushed it into the saltwater and sailed it for twelve years, as many years as he lived on it.
Sadly, LEJJJAR ended up beached on the shores of an isolated island, abandoned by her new owner. The choice to let the vessel go was a difficult decision for Frank, but our plan back then to teach English in China and other parts of the world, meant that LEJJJAR could not come along.
We miss sailing and boating in general. We’ve been throwing around the idea that we would be quite happy on a houseboat. 
You can find this book on Amazon.com
LEJJJAR at Pierre's Lodge
Frank on LEJJJAR

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