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I Like That
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Sunday, January 2, 2011


 I LIKE THAT Frank and I took a run on our Russian URAL bike to commemorate the New Year. The temperature in Campbell River was about 0 degrees Celsius so we protected ourselves with extra layers. I wrapped my bulky upper body in four layers of clothing including a t-shirt, hoodie, fur lining and my black leather jacket. Frank’s gear was much the same except that he covered his face with a bella clava.
            The sidecar accommodates my bag, water bottle, seat cover, lap blanket and me. After I sit down and cover my legs, Frank brings the URAL hoodie over my head and fastens the clasps to the windshield. I’m protected from the elements. Frank boards the attached motorcycle, a re-engineered version of the 1936 German BMW and starts the engine. I’m glad that I’ve remembered to wear my earplugs. I sit right beside the source of the noise.
            The bike draws a great deal of attention even before we head out. Our neighbours call out that we’re crazy to be heading out on a bike. We feel differently about it because it is our only mode of transport. Today we are heading out to our singing group.
            We moved forward and I reached out for the metal handle bar in front of me. I can see all around through the windshield and the plastic covered windows on each side. I can also see the ground moving beneath me through a small opening where the hoodie meets the sidecar. I feel a great sense of freedom.
            We purchased our freedom online. We were teaching English as a second language in China and thinking about transportation when we arrived back to Canada for the summer.
            “Look at this, Honey,” Frank said.
            I stared at the sidecar rig and it caused my face to smile.
            “It looks like fun!” I said.
            With the click of a button we became the proud owners of a shiny green Patrol.
            Today, as we travel around the city, the wind blowing past us, it is clear that we are the adventurous type and a bit quirky.
P.S. if you wish to learn more about the URAL you might like to visit http://www.curdforum.net/
URAL hoodie by Frank
New Year Run
Travelling by URAL

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