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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Perhaps you'll remember that I've taken the liberty of writing Aesop's fables to suit the profession of teaching English as a second language. Here's another of those versions.

One summer’s day a new ESL graduate came to a teacher seminar to quench her enthusiasm, and as she stood drinking in the ambience she saw her form reflected in the eyes of a senior teacher. “How clever and learned my colleague looks!” she thought. “And how inexperienced I am, and unused my abilities are!”
       While the new graduate was examining and criticizing the talents that nature had given her, the colleagues drew near. The graduate’s abilities, with which she had found so many faults, instinctively carried her through the preparation of a comprehensive lesson plan, but the weight of experience of the senior teacher and his argumentative tone prevented the group from completing their task.

We tend to underestimate the small things about ourselves that are often our most valuable attributes.

Students listen attentively
Frank entertains the student audience
Teacher colleagues entertain students

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