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I Like That
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


            I LIKE THAT every classroom in China has an English Study Leader. The student’s designation comes from achieving the highest grade after examination from the Chinese English teacher.
            The same position in the Canadian classroom is called the Monitor, a reference that has taken a turn for the worse because the students see the person as a snitch and hence the famous code of silence.
The English Study Leader in the Chinese classroom is respected and he or she takes great pride for maintaining order amongst the collection of fifty-nine or more students in the room. They will dutifully stand with you as you conduct your class and, with encouragement from you, will travel around the room guiding the other students in their study of the English language.
            Prince, the English Study Leader in one of my classes, came to my rescue regularly and I was very grateful. I didn’t have a command of the Chinese language, so when a student didn’t fully understand my instructions, I would ask Prince to interpret.
            I asked Prince if he minded helping me and he said, “It is my honour and duty, Mrs. Black.”
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