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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Campbellton Walking Trip

OUR 3.6 KILOMETRE WALKING TREK started from the 300-block on Dogwood Street in Campbell River. We headed north and very soon our side-by-side handholding habit took a quick swing by my husband who slipped me behind him so that the low hanging tree branches wouldn’t whip my face. The sidewalk and boulevard along the 600-block have merged into a narrow footpath but widens as you near the corner of Dogwood and 7th Avenue. At the edge of the alley that runs east and west, is a cross with a stuffed animal nailed to it. It’s an inquisitive site and actually caused me to shudder. The house behind it is a relic meant to scare off the curious type. Signs on the residence say, “No Trespassing” and “Private Property.” The windows are blocked with cardboard and there is a small stuffed ghost hanging by its neck at the front door.
As we continued north toward 9th Avenue, I noticed graffiti splattered over a large advertisement banner and a pair of sneakers hanging from the hydro wires. According to the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police, these two messages are signs that there is a drug dealer in the area.
We crossed the street at 9th Avenue and headed down the road onto Homewood Road, which brought us to Campbellton.
Three emergency vehicles rushed by us; their sirens blaring. They turned into the nearby trailer park. We followed the action and found ourselves in a very quaint and clean neighbourhood. The homeowners have obvious pride in their property and the abundance of flowers shows off the gentleness of the place. We didn’t stay to watch the emergency medical attendants; instead we walked to Perk’s, a popular donut shop that serves the best chili in town.
After a satisfying meal, we toured Maple Street. On the north side of the road there was more evidence of how the boulevards and sidewalks are treated in our fair city. The long grass, weeds and bushes had been hacked down but they still lay there giving me the feeling that the area isn’t cared for by the City itself. Directly across are the manicured grounds of Kal-Tire.
Walking east along 16th Avenue, we arrived at Nunns Creek Park. I only know it as a large wooded area. We made our way to a bus stop on Ironwood Street and there we caught a ride home.

Dogwood Street to Campbellton

Campbellton Sites

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