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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bonnie the Birch Has a Guardian

I LIKE THAT for the first time in a long time, I awoke with an absolute mission in mind. Today, I would be clearing the weeds and debris around my newly adopted Birch tree. I’ve claimed her as my responsibility and have named her Bonnie.
Initially, when I spoke to the property owners on which she stands, they took no ownership of her and suggested that I speak to the City of Campbell River authorities. Their representative told me that the tree didn't belong to them and that I should speak to the property owners. I smiled and knew that she was mine.
This morning, Frank and I piled a rake, clippers, a shovel, a garden claw, work gloves, a bucket and my garbage tongs into our wheelbarrow. We strutted our way down the alley and across a parking lot to where Bonnie stands.
Frank cut back the tall grass and wild weeds while I raked the clippings away from her base. We worked diligently until we felt she had some breathing room. Bonnie looked spectacular. Her white bark sparkled in the morning sunlight and her leaves seemed to be flickering with pride. “Look at me!” I felt her say.
I stepped back to admire her resilience. Still, her roots are exposed in the sandy soil and she could certainly use a fresh heap of nutritious soil. I will do my best to provide for her.

A friend, Vera Martin, was so taken with Bonnie the Birch that she wrote a poem.

There was a little tree a forsaken little tree,
surrounded by garbage and weeds,
It stood there all alone not a thing had been done,
To tend to it's multitude of needs.

Then along came Sue who thought what can I do,
To help this little tree grow big and tall,
It seemed to her the best option was arboreal adoption,
So she went to see the folk at City Hall.

The City said it was okay then Sue departed on her way,
To clear up all the mess around her tree,
She gave it lots of TLC and pretty soon this little tree,
Flourished there for everyone to see.

Sue named her wee birch Bonnie a name that suits her well,
With her pure white bark and shiny leaves of green,
Because of her "friends" care soon people everywhere,
Will say "that's the prettiest tree I've ever seen".

The prettiest tree I've ever seen.

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