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I Like That
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Walk To Avoid Dog Poop

I LIKE THAT our chronic disease management group has a personal trainer who takes us for hikes around the city of Campbell River and then into the park for stretching exercises. We walk to build endurance but step lightly to avoid the dog poop. A small cluster of fitness buffs steps over a plot of dog waste on the sidewalk and carry on toward the park. We are next to circumnavigate the droppings.
“Is dog poop biodegradable?” says Janet.
“Sure; you can use it to fertilize plants,” says Rob.
“But not plants that are consumed by humans,” says Claire.
The nurse explains that dog feces could carry E. Coli and so you don’t want to spread it on a vegetable garden. Also, while most E. Coli strains are harmless, some can cause serious food poisoning in humans.
            “A lot of the owners take their dogs out at night, when it’s dark, so that they don’t have to bring bags to pick up the poop. It’s disgusting,” says Janet.
            "Gee, do they think that the birds will eat the poop?” says Claire.
The group laughs and one of the cluster members points out a pile of dog poop on the park grass. We maneuver around it and try to expel the nauseous scent from our nostrils.
            Run, don’t walk, to pick up your dog’s poop so that the rest of us can enjoy the outdoors as it should be. Thanks.

Clean space is spiritual

Walking and looking around is great fun

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