I Like That

I Like That
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Love You

I LIKE THAT out of the blue my little grandson says, “I love you”, and keeps searching the ground for rocks that suit his fancy.
            My eyes welled up and I answered, “I love you too, Honey.”
            Our blue-eyed grandson is four years old and is a pleasure to be with. He’s polite and says please and thank you without prompting. He’s infatuated with Spider-man and is equally devoted to the Transformers. He loves band-aids and was thrilled when Grandpa and I bought him Transformer band-aids and Transformer underwear.
            His adventurous nature is a delight to share when we go on treks into the forest. He searches for bugs and rocks and finds the most spectacular specimens. I’ve learned to bring along an ice-cream bucket to collect all his treasures.
            Let me suggest that when you need a pick-me-up spend time with a child, and when you’re happy and you know it say, “I love you.”

Spider-man is my hero

Grandpa taught me to use chopsticks

I love rocks and slugs

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