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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Chronics Continuing Chronicle

I LIKE THAT the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex in Campbell River is conducting a fitness program on behalf of the Vancouver Island Health Authority. I’m unlucky enough to have a chronic disease called diabetes but lucky enough to participate in the course.
            I’ve respectfully assigned the name “The Chronics” to our Team 4A and am very proud to be part of this victorious squad of energetic doers. No matter what our personal trainers throw at us, no matter how strenuous, no matter how sweat educing, the Chronic Disease Management Team 4A always comes alive. We laugh and joke about our abilities and each of us has lost weight, lost inches, gained a sense of core balance, increased our stamina, and have reduced our prescription drug intake.
            Today, we exercised in the park. Our leaders, Ms. Angella and Ms. Ashley, lead us on a circuit of walking around obstacles, lunges, a quick-pace jog, standing chin-ups, sidestep crossovers, bench press, a quick drink of water to recover, and back to the circuit routine. Afterward, we gathered to use the rubber ropes and performed upper body endurance exercises. In the end, we walked back to the Strathcona Complex and finished with cool down exercises.
            Hurray for CDM Team 4A!

The Chronics Team 4A

Personal Trainers lead the Chronics Team 4A

The Chronics work out in Pinecrest Park

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  1. I love the gratitude journal style in this story. Good work. Barb