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I Like That
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I LIKE THAT I have grey hair because it provides me discounts that otherwise may not come my way. The trick to getting a price cut at the Campbell River Health & Drug Store located on Merecroft Road is to love your grey hair and to ask for a senior’s discount.

The other day, Frank and I went on a hunt for cross-trainer replacement soles for our walking shoes and came across the PolySorb brand in a local drug store. The nice sales lady allowed us to try them in our footwear and we were pleasantly surprised at the comfort. We walk the one kilometre gauntlet from our apartment on Dogwood Street to the Strathcona Gardens community centre at the top of the hill, and we need to cushion our steps there and back.

Frank stepped up to the counter at the drug store and went through the motions of paying for our purchase. From behind, I approached the cashier and asked, “Is there a senior’s discount?”

“Oh, yes. I can give you a senior’s discount,” he said.

The man behind the counter recalculated the purchase refund and passed a ten percent discount in loose change to Frank.

I’m not officially a senior citizen. I’m fifty-five years old but I do have a head of grey hair and I love that it gets me a senior discount. When I’m challenged to show an official British Columbia Senior Citizen gold identification card, I defer to Frank who promptly presents it for a senior’s discount.

Don’t hesitate to ask.

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