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I Like That
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chronics Get Pool Action

 I LIKE THAT the Chronic Disease Management team at the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Centre has included water aerobics to our fitness regime. Today was our first day of exercising in the pool, but the moment I stepped into the change room, I thanked God for my anti-anxiety medication.
     The converted men’s room was now being heralded as the family change room and everyone was invited to participate. The low bench in the middle of the room was covered completely in baby blankets and babies. Laughing, crying, staring, sleeping babies all were being attended to by their mothers. Men and women clad in their swimsuits stood in front of lockers depositing quarters into the attached slots. I watched as coats, sweat pants, and shirts, along with towels and shoes were pushed into the tiny cupboards and the doors slammed shut. The noise in the room reached a crescendo that pushed me into the nearest change cubicle. I replaced my outdoor attire with my pool suit and stepped out into the family room. I stuffed my belongings into locker number 355, pinned the key to my bathing suit and stepped under the shower water. In the main pool area, I located the floatation belts and strapped one on snuggly around my waist. The moment I stepped into the tepid pool water I knew I had made the right decision not to fear the sights and sounds of a new adventure. I rolled onto my back and let the water surround me. Ah, it was utopia.

Water Aerobics

Gentle water action

Blue floatation belt

Water noodles

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