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I Like That
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Monday, February 14, 2011


I LIKE THAT if you have trust, then all you need is love. Trustworthiness is a natural quality of men and women, and so is love. You present trust when you express your faith in someone, including yourself, and something. For example, I trust my husband. Trust can also be expressed when you say that you believe in someone or something. I believe in God. Hope is another word for trust. To be hopeful is to have trust. These days, I am hopeful that my son will find a job and a safe place to live. Trust also represents your conviction. For example, I have a passion for writing. It is my conviction. Expectation, a synonym of trust, used to bring negative connotations to my mind because of something I was told many years ago.
     “Don’t have any expectations and you won’t get hurt.”
     I’ve been struggling with that statement for many years and today, with love, I’m letting it go. I trust that I will be a reliable and dependable person with expectations.
     Confident in my trustworthiness, I attract love and feel affection for people. I adore nature and worship God, the creator of all things. I love being in love with my husband, and am devoted to my son. I care for my family and friends, and find young children irresistible. I’m human and am keen on material things as well. 
     I trust that all I need is love.

All you need is love

Ruby-throated humming birds

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