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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picking Up Trash Has Its Rewards

“What? You’re getting an award for picking up trash?” Frank said.
“Yes. I guess picking up garbage has its rewards,” I said.

I had just put the telephone receiver back in its cradle and made the announcement to my husband. I told him that Ms. Martin, the Environmental Coordinator for the City of Campbell River said that I had been nominated for a Stewardship Award and asked if I would accept it?

“Oh! That’s wonderful. But why me?” I said.
“Mr. Stewart from Dogwood Operations nominated you,” she said.

I have yet to meet Mr. Stewart face-to-face, but I’ve talked with him several times on the phone. We talked about the condition of the sidewalks and boulevards in Campbell River and how more garbage cans might entice people to toss their trash into them if they were handier. I told him that I was going to clean up the city of Campbell River one block at a time and asked how he could help.

“I can give you a few trash pickers. Would that help you and your Clean Living volunteers?” he said.

Indeed it does help along with the latex gloves and garbage bags donated by Mr. Adams, a City Councillor. Back in April 2011, I initiated the removal of rubbish from the boulevards and sidewalks of Campbell River, one block at a time and called the project Clean Living. Since then, I have adopted a 350-metre section of the city between 4th Avenue and 2nd Avenue on Dogwood Street. Each month, I gather with friends and pick up rubbish. We chat and laugh and know that we are being of service to the community and to God.

The Waste Reduction Award was a kind gift offered by the City of Campbell River and it humbles me to know that the Clean Living group of volunteers is recognized for its dedication to life itself. 

Clean Living volunteers

Clean Living volunteers

Service itself is the reward

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