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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give Peace a Chance

I Like That September 21st is recognized as the International Day of Peace. We all need peace in our lives. I especially love a peaceful sleep where I finally succumb to an unconscious state and enjoy dreams presented to me in waves containing subtle messages. In the morning, I take the time to sit on a chair in my bedroom with my feet planted on the floor and mediate by focusing on my breath. I breathe in and out until I am in the moment and awake.

I enjoy the peaceful sensation that greets me every morning when I look into my husband’s eyes and accept his gentle kiss on my lips and his bear hug afterwards. I thank him every morning for his tender treatment of me.

Peace comes over me when I gaze on photographs of my son. We have an interesting and compelling relationship that is held together by my unconditional love for him. I am also filled with tranquility when I get to visit with my grandson or speak with him on the phone.

I am at peace when I am preparing a meal for Frank and I. Sipping on soup and munching on a turkey and cheese wrap fills me with satisfaction. I am also mindful of tidying up afterward and take great pleasure in washing the dishes in the sink. I’ve learned to calm myself down by practicing meditation, which puts me in the moment. I am grateful for the privilege of attending a mindfulness class once a week at the local hospital.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” – John Lennon

At peace with my son and grandson

At peace with my husband and surrounded by nature.
(flower photos by Hans Toby)

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