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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's Camping?

“What’s camping, Grandpa?” Grayson said.
“It’s being in the great outdoors and peeing in the bush, swatting bugs and cooking food outside and sitting in your tent when it rains,” Grandpa said.
“I peed on a tree before,” Grayson said.
“Well then, you’ll love camping,” Grandpa said.
            We picked up our four-year-old grandson and drove to China Creek Marina and Campground. We were thrilled to be the mentors for his first-time-ever camping experience. Frank had outfitted our 1986 Classic Toyota van with a platform in the back so that Grayson and I could sleep comfortably. He had also packed our tent so that he could sprawl out for our one-night camping expedition.
            When we arrived at China Creek we were disappointed at the sign – No Fires Permitted – posted throughout the property.
            “What’s camping without a fire?” Frank said.
When I told him later that day that I’d forgotten to bring along coffee for brewing the next morning, his comment was the same.
            “What’s camping without coffee?”
            Frank volunteered to unload the van while I took Grayson on a trek along the ocean shore and through the campsite trails. We explored rocks entangled in tree trunks, picked up rocks on the shore and tossed them into the ocean, and counted all the numbers posted on the trees to identify tent and recreational vehicle sites. When we arrived back to our Site 32, Frank was preparing the gas burning stove and choosing food items for our supper. We munched on cucumbers, salad, fruit, and turkey wieners wrapped cozily in buns slathered with relish and mustard.
A friendly squirrel came to visit and made several attempts to snatch Grayson’s granola bar that he had left on the picnic table. We were entertained for quite some time by the little critter and after he hid himself in his nest, we went to the playground.
            As evening approached, we changed into bedding clothes and snuggled in for the night. The next day was filled with more exploring, kite flying and cheering as Frank tossed his spectacular knife into tree stumps.
            “Grandma, let’s do this when Grandpa gets it right,” Grayson said.
He tossed his arms into the air and shouted, hooray!
            Camping is having fun.

Grayson and Grandma sing a camping song

Grayson and Grandpa fly a kite

Camping is fun!

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