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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chronic Liver Disease

I LIKE THAT my doctor is thorough and sent me to have an ultra-sound based on an irregular blood reading. Later that month, she directed me to an appointment with a liver specialist.
            “You’ve got Chronic Liver Disease as a result of a fatty liver,” the specialist said.
            I was shocked and scared but stayed focused as he explained what it meant.
            “It’s likely that you’ve had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for sometime. Your liver changes when fat is deposited in it and also, in some cases, the liver resists insulin. You also have type 2 diabetes which is being controlled somewhat by your metformin medication. But what’s most critical is that you must lose another fourteen pounds in order to stabilize your liver and prevent further damage. Your liver is being overworked and is in the process of progressive destruction and regeneration. You need to pay close attention,” he said.
            I sat in silence trying to picture my liver in its place protected by my ribcage. I had an image in my mind of a large shriveled mushroom cap.
The specialist had more to say.
            “You must exercise more. Change it up. Get a bike, walk more, go to the pool more often. Lose weight.”
            I am ready to step it up by adding walking on those four days that I don’t go to the pool and floor exercise program at the Strathcona Community Centre. I’m a ‘Chronic’ and now need to be a fitness buff. Here are my current statistics:
Weight: 170 pounds
Chest: 40”
Waist: 40”
Umbilicus: 38”
Hips: 42.5”

Prayers for health.

Susan learns about her liver

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