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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Visits

I LIKE THAT the Universal House of Justice promotes home visits. The Universal House of Justice today guides the activities of the global Bahá'í community. A home visit is a practical way to gather with friends, family and even someone you just met. Visiting a person in his or her home is so well known to some that it seems odd to them that they'd have to call in advance.
            My husband’s home visit’s history in Saskatchewan consisted of unannounced drop ins to other farmers and towns people. He told me that you just showed up and you were always welcomed with food and drink. “We never called ahead,” he said.
            In my family background, we did call ahead. My mother would never have allowed herself to show up at even her family’s homes without first warning them of our arrival. As a result, our family did not experience the ‘drop in’.
            Today, people's lives are very busy and the spontaneous drop in may not be welcomed. However, your spontaneity shouldn’t prevent you from picking up the phone and making plans to have a home visit with family, friends or even someone you just met.
            Give it a go! Connect with someone today through a face-to-face home visit.
P.S. We welcome your ‘drop in’.

Home visit for the fun of it!

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