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I Like That
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Clean Living Initiative

I LIKE THAT my mother brought me up to be a person who recognizes the power of clean. When my body is clean, I’m in good spirits. I love soaking in fresh bath water. When my immediate surroundings are clean, I’m in a good state of mind. I love the look of a sparkling counter top and the welcome feeling I get from a tidy living room. When the grounds outside my home are orderly, I have feelings of inner health. I like that my husband takes immaculate care of the property that surrounds the building where we live these days.
            I’m taking my passion for clean living to the streets. I’ve initiated a Clean Living plan that calls on all citizens in Campbell River and surrounding communities to join me on Thursday, April 28, 2011 to clean up the sidewalks and boulevards in Campbell River. The starting point for the infinite project starts at my home. For one hour I will pick up rubbish around the block, put the trash into garbage bags and leave them for pick up by the City garbage collectors. I hope that other volunteers can join me.

Whistle while you work.

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