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I Like That
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exercise is an Adventure

I LIKE THAT I exercise for one hour and fifty minutes three times a week. My routine begins by stuffing my backpack with a towel and bathing suit twice a week and workout shoes once a week. I walk the one kilometre trek from my home to the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Centre and join the rest of my group either in the pool or in front of the mirrors in the studio. When I’m done, I walk home.
When I started in January 2011, my waist measurement was forty-one inches, and now, sixteen days later, I’ve lost one and a half inches. I’ve also lost four and a half inches off my umbilicus measurement. You’ve got one too – it’s your bellybutton. A tape is wrapped around your body at that level and the tester records your size.
Other improvements include my balance, my stand to sit repetitions, my reach, and wall squat, where in the beginning, I could only stand at a one hundred and twenty degree angle, I can now squat at a ninety-degree angle for thirty seconds.
I feel proud and enthusiastic about my new passion for exercise.
           The group as a whole is very encouraging and present themselves with smiles at every gathering. We’ve developed a comradeship with each other and the personal trainers. Everyone involved is excited about being the best they can be. What an adventure!

Equipment adds variety

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