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I Like That
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yoga at Fifty-Seven

I LIKE THAT our yoga instructor is my age, however, that’s where our similarities end. She has long hair, virtually no bust line, a rib cage that you can see behind her T-shirt, a slim waist, trim hips, firm buttocks and legs that actually come straight down from her hips with that special gape at her pelvic bone that men love so much.

I’ve attended four classes so far and have enjoyed each session tremendously. While Ms. Robin contorts her body like a Cirque du Soliel performer, I do my best to achieve even half of the pose. My wrists and toes, at this point, cannot hold up my body as long as is required with the Downward  Dog pose, for example. I’m working on it at home.

The Tree is another funky stance that requires balance and concentration. At this point, I’m still using my big toe on the bent-knee side to stabilize me. We’ve been assigned the position as homework. Great fun!

My favourite place is the Corpse pose at the end of the session. We cover our eyes, drape our body with a blanket and lay quiet for a while just breathing. Ahhhhh.


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  1. I, too, have started yoga. I have gone to about 4 classes and considered myself pretty good at it. I could bend and twist with a lovely arched back - just like Dana, the instructor. I could stretch out for the poses with grace and confidence. Ah, so easy .... I even thought in a few weeks I could be leading the class. All this, UNTIL I looked in the mirror and saw a sweaty, out-of-breath, shakey, mess of a body in MY clothes, struggling to just breathe. Hmpht, stupid mirror! :) Lori from Comox