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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Largest Tomahawk in the World!

I LOVE EVERYTHING SASKATCHEWAN. Frank had the privilege of growing up in the Que’Appelle Valley and so we’ve driven two summers in a row from our home in Campbell River to various towns in this Big Sky province. I love his relatives, who represent the wholesome, kind-hearted mindset of the small-town citizens. You can simply pull up into a driveway, knock on the door and you are welcome to stay as long as you like – we were offered a week, for example, at Julia’s in Grenfell.
Once we left Paradise Valley, we travelled south on 897, turned east on Highway 14 which, when it crosses into Saskatchewan, turns into Route 40, also known as the Red River Trail. Our conversations included what we knew about the ox cart routes connecting the original Selkirk Settlement at Fort Garry in Winnipeg, Manitoba, all the way to Saskatchewan and beyond. The Americans had the chuck wagon and the early Canadian explorers had the Red River cart. It would have been a grueling expedition considering that the adventurers had to sometimes make their own trails. Now, as we move at 60 kilometers along this secondary highway, we are thrilled to know that we are travelling the same route.
We stopped for a late lunch at Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, and fell in love with its carefully restored outdoor museum and campground. To our great surprise, there stood the largest Tomahawk in the world. Here’s a quote from the plaque: Constructed in 1971 as a symbol of cooperation among local cultures. The tipi, a traditional First Nations shelter, symbolizes respect, humility, faith, and sharing. The Tomahawk or stone tool was used to build and create as well as for a weapon. It was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Tomahawk.
We had a long, informative conversation with Bob, the groundskeeper, who shared with us that he’s been very busy servicing the Centennial events of the incorporation of the town.
That evening, we showered in the facilities and enjoyed another thunderous night of rain and lightening. Ah, Saskatchewan.
Next stop: North Battleford and the Western Development Museum.

Word's Largest Tomahawk
Frank prepares for the Fiddle-Fest

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