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I Like That
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Campbell River Bait

I LIKE THAT the overcast weather these days in Campbell River doesn’t put a damper on our plans to walk around the Pier Street Farmer’s Market. We waded through the avenues of product sellers and settled down to enjoy the tunes from a free live band. We munched on fish and chips purchased earlier at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

The panoramic view from the wharf is glorious. Standing on the pier facing the Island Highway, I am greeted with an array of boats of all shapes, sizes and condition. Gazing northeast presents me with a royal blue ocean and the tree-covered south end of Quadra Island. As I face the southeast my mind follows the outgoing tide down the Strait of Georgia, south to the unobstructed Pacific Ocean.

I cast my eyes to the dock and experience the excitement of men, women and children fishing from its sturdy timbers. To add to the ambience, there is a large blue net, and lying next to it is a bright orange life ring. The fragrance of seawater fills my nostrils and the mist of the ocean showers me with a cool spray.

I invite you to join Frank and I next time. It’s a wonder.

Campbell River Fisherman's Wharf

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