I Like That

I Like That
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hiking is Happiness

I LIKE THAT Frank and I enjoy hiking together. Today, we set off down 4th Avenue to a path that eventually led us to our proper destination off 2nd Avenue and McPhedran. The first few metres offered us a fork in the path, and without hesitation, Frank veered to the right. The most predominant smell for a while was the Yellow Skunk Cabbage, a delightful looking green and yellow plant that thrives in our Central Vancouver Island wet woods. The sound of rushing water alongside the narrow path was music to my ears as were the chirp of birds likely compelling their companions to be wary of the strangers in their midst. The fresh air was palatable. The spring air pushed its way through our nostrils and open mouths as we caught our breath at the top of a steep hill. Our mud covered path revealed a large print of a bear and I asked Frank if he had his hiking knife – he did.

The magnificence of the forest and all the life within is a wholesome beauty like no other. We are blessed to have paths throughout Campbell River that take you from one backyard to another and beyond. Wonderful!

Hiking we will go.
Yellow Skunk Cabbage - whew!
Bears like hiking too.

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