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I Like That
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Good, Too Bad and the Ugly

 I LIKE THAT FRANK AND I go walking every morning on the sidewalks, roads and alleyways of Campbell River. I bring along my camera and take shots of things that catch my eye. I’ve prepared a patchwork of pictures for you to see the goodness that exudes from the city and also what might seem ugly..

One of the many features I appreciate about a big city is the pedestrian crosswalk sign with blinking lights. I press the action button and wait patiently for the traffic to stop. Frank and I amble across the road and continue our urban hike. As we stride down toward the ocean, our spectacular view gets wider and more breathtaking. It’s a magnificent destination.

As we pass by a storm drain, I wince at the condition of it. It is covered with debris, pinecones and pine needles so deep that it is completely unrecognizable. I know what’s under the cluster of rubbish because five months ago, during the summer, it was clear. However, because the City of Campbell River is sporting such a tight budget, the drains are ignored. That’s too bad!

When it comes to ugly, my personal list begins with tagging. I find it offensive, repugnant and most of all, very difficult to remove. The statement it sends to visitors to our city is that we don’t care, but on the contrary, some of us mind very much about the condition of our home.

Welcome to Campbell River.

In the eye of the beholder

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